At Yemoja, we invest all our energies and expertise growing and harvesting microalgae – discovering new things about them every day.

Our vision:

Our vision:

Unlocking the benefits of microalgae
for the benefit of mankind

Our mission:

To provide the world with new sources of nutrition and care, by
ensuring the supply chain of new microalgae bioactives.

Setting the golden standard for other microalgae companies to follow



  • Indoor production:

    Ensures a clean, high-quality, and sustainable supply of specialized ingredients with zero weather or environmental interference.

  • Patent protected technology:

    A closed system suitable for handling micro-organisms in a fully controlled environment, which can produce a full range of ingredients for a wide variety of markets, including cosmetics, nutraceuticals ,and in the future, even pharma.

  • Meets highest industry standards:

    GMP compliance, ISO, COSMOS. Working towards API standards. Supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of the Economy.



Easy scale up from lab to industrial plant conditions with almost zero time to market.



All-natural processes, using materials from science to leave a tiny carbon footprint and create a greener environment.

Environmental impact is reduced due to operational efficiency and the efficient consumption of all natural resources needed for the microalgae cultivation.

Farm-to-fork with full control of the supply chain: We cultivate in the same closed system.



We have the capabilities to develop various species of microalgae and turn them into specialty ingredients. We can customize new products in lab conditions and grow them to industrial scale.


Our team

Yemoja’s founders comprise marine biotechnologists from microalgae and biopharma companies, who set out to transform microalgae cultivation and its potential for growing active specialty ingredients. Bringing their expertise in precision biology and engineering methods to the microalgae industry, they are determined to overcome the industry’s major hurdles: producing pure microalgae products at industrial scale.


Eng. Ilan Feldman, Chairman


Eyal Shalmon, C.E.O


Eng. Moshe Avron
Co-founder, Chief Engineer


Agr. Erez Ashkenazi, C.O.O


Amikam Bar-Gil, Ph.D,
Co-founder, CTO


Pini Marco, Ph.D.
Senior Marine Biologist

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