The Algae4IBD Initiative

Yemoja teamed up with Dr. Dorit Avni from Migal
to form Algae4IBD, a Horizon 2020 Consortium
comprised of top-tier researchers, academic
institutions, food companies, and hospitals to develop a microalgae-based
treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD).
The extensive four-year research is aimed to identify algae-sourced
compounds with the potential to help manage (IBD) and deploy them in
functional foods and nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

The project participants will screen hundreds of microalgae strains to identify
specific bioactive molecules. Yemoja will cultivate each strain and apply
changes to the growing environment to increase concentrations of the
relevant molecule and supply the biomass for the final product.

Ben Gurion University Collaboration

Yemoja collaborates with the Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory of Ben-Gurion University

to upscale the cultivation of a patented mutant strain
of the microalga Lobosphaera incise.

This alga is a unique photosynthetic producer of the polyunsaturated fatty
acid DGLA – Dihomo Gamma-Linoleic Acid. The collaboration aims to achieve
mass production of this compound.