Yemoja has teamed up with Dr. Dorit Avni from Migal to form a consortium comprised of top tier researchers, academic institutes, food companies, hospitals and more, in order to develop a microalgae-based treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn, Colitis etc.).

The four-year project will screen few hundreds of microalgae strains and in parallel other group will try to isolate the bioactive molecule. Here at Yemoja, we will cultivate each and every strain, apply changes to the environment in order to possibly increase the inner concentration of the molecule. In the final phase, Yemoja will supply the biomass that will be extracted and implemented within the final product.


Yemoja is proud to announce entering an agreement with Prof. Sammy Boussiba, Prof. Inna Khozin-Goldberg, and Dr. Aliza Zarka from the Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory of the Ben-Gurion University. This partnership will upscale the cultivation of the patented mutant strain of the microalga Lobosphaera incisa – the unique photosynthetic producer of polyunsaturated fatty acid DGLA – Dihomo Gamma Linoleic Acid. The Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory (MBL), represents one of the few research centers successfully interfacing basic science with developing industrial applications. Pioneering in mass cultivation of Hamaetocooccus pluvialis and Spirulina, the MBL is committed to the continuous development of the technology for mass production of microalgae for high-value health-beneficial molecules, such as carotenoids, LC-PUFA, as well as environmental applications

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