In our state-of-the art facility, we cultivate a wide variety of micro-algae
species for different high value industries.



  • Patent protected technology:

    A closed system suitable for handling micro-organisms in a fully controlled environment, which can produce a full range of ingredients for a wide variety of markets, including cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and in the future, even pharma.

  • Meets highest industry standards:

    GMP compliance, ISO, COSMOS. Working towards API standards. Supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of the Economy.



• Utilizing cutting edge technology and state of the art science, we can develop unlimited species of microalgae and turn them into finished products – fast.

• Easy scale up from lab to industrial plant conditions with almost zero time to market



• We provide high-quality microalgae products for health and nutrition in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive operation.

• Farm-to-fork with full control of the supply chain: We cultivate in the same closed system.

• Our all-natural processes leave a tiny carbon footprint and create a greener environment.

• Environmental impact is reduced due to operational efficiency and the efficient consumption of all natural resources needed for the microalgae cultivation.



• We have the capabilities to develop various species of microalgae and turn them into specialty ingredients.

• We can customize new products in lab conditions and grow them to industrial scale.


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